Quill of the Mind – 2019-2020 – Full Moon

Full Moon

Have I forgotten the heat?

The clean air rushing through my hair?

Have I forgotten where I come from?

My culture?


I want to go back and feel the sun burn my tan skin.

Feel the moon play with my sanity like a toy.

Feel the freeze take me away like a dandelion.


But… I remember, I remember those hot nights.

When the moon would come out to play with my innocence.

I remember how heart-charging and refreshing.


Oh! how good it felt to lay down on the damp, cool grass

Feel my hair become one with the moist soil.


I remember those nights…It felt like freedom.

Like happiness, like innocence in its purest form.


Oh how much I miss those nights in the country, on my island.

I need it back, please bring me back!


– Kristy Martes, Grade 12


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