New Feature – “CO-OP STORIES”

We will soon be starting a new blog feature called CO-OP STORIES.

CO-OP STORIES will provide a question and answer dialogue with  ENSATS cooperative education students.  Questions like the ones below will be asked of our co-op students to learn more about their experiences on the job.

Tell us about your co-op at _______:

What is a typical day like at your co-op?

Do you work alongside other co-op students? 

While on co-op, what project(s) have you been a part of, or something that you are working on, that has inspired you?

What is the biggest lesson you learned through your co-op thus far?

What advice do you have for students interested in pursuing co-op?

In addition to interviews, CO-OP STORIES will highlight career events, employment advice, career profiles, and more!

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